Virtual Gallery

Welcome to our virtual gallery where you can view and purchase our local artists' work. All of the pieces in the gallery are offered for sale through our Etsy store. Enjoy!


For purchasers: If possible, we prefer that purchasers pick up art pieces at the address displayed in the production detail page. If you need delivery service, please complete the Art Delivery Request form.

For artists: If you would like to exhibit your artwork for sale in the fundraiser, please read the guidelines below.


Submission Guidelines

To exhibit your art in our gallery for purchase, please follow these guidelines:

  • Submit your own original artwork. Your work must NOT contain any copyrighted material.

  • Please keep your content PG-rated. Since we are going to be showcasing the artwork on our website as well as on live stream platforms, we want to ensure that standard censorship will not remove our gallery and showcase. We reserve the right to reject any artwork that we believe will flag our content. This means we will not accept work with excessive profanity, nudity, or other adult content. These guidelines are in place to allow for a broader audience.

  • Be aware of deadlines, as we will not be able to accept late submissions.

How to Submit

Since artwork will be exhibited online, we will accept both physical and digital art.


Submission Deadline: Friday, November 1st by 6:00 PM

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