Talent Show Competition


The talent show is both a contest and a fundraiser for mission work. Enjoying the show and want to support the cause? Make sure to donate to the fundraiser by backing your favorite performer(s) during the talent show! 




Thank you for donating to our cause! Please include the payment description when donating. 

Venmo: @PittsburghChurch
Cash App: $PittsburghChurch


Payment description: Art and Soul 2020 - [Your favorite performance's number]

Example: Art and Soul 2020 - 1



  1. Courtney Miller: "Little Black Submarine" (Cover)

  2. William Scott (Cantos para misa): "Gloria" (Hymn)

  3. Shaun McDonnell: "Heart of Gold" (Cover)

  4. David Xie: "Odelette, Op. 162" (Flute Performance)

  5. Samuel Williams: "Waymaker" (Cover)

  6. Larissa Rocha feat. Neill: "Get You" (Cover)

  7. Kai Roberts: "Believe" (Original)

  8. Jason Riley and Trey Stoneburner: Rap Mix

  9. Natachi Mez: Soul Food Session

  10. Courtney Miller: "Hey Jude" (Cover)

  11. Marquise Green: Dance Performance

  12. Algiers, Elizabeth, and Tyrica: "Hamilton in 6 Minutes"

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